Students in the Foundry

Have an idea, need a place to build it?

The Foundry is only to all Duke students, staff, and faculty. For access, sign the user agreement:

Pratt Fabrication User Agreement

Prior to entering the space outside of class with a group larger than 4, you MUST make a reservation on the Foundry calendar.

Make a reservation – Foundry Calendar


Welcome to The Foundry

The Foundry provides 7,600 square feet of project space for Duke undergraduate and graduate students focused on engineering, energy, entrepreneurship, and sustainability to build ideas from the ground up.

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Pratt Fabrication User Agreement


Join The Foundry Sakai Site to get announcements from the Foundry Team!

  • Go to Sakai.
  • On your homepage, click on "Membership" on the left hand side of the page.
  • Click on "Joinable Sites"
  • Type in Foundry and hit Search.
  • Press the "Join Now" Link.