Wave Function Generator

This device can provide sinusoidal or square wave impulses for circuits. Can be used with the power source devices or oscillascopes.

Horizontal - Vertical Band Saw

Our band saw runs in two configurations - horizontal and vertical. When in vertical setting, a table is screwed into to serve as a plate. In horizontal mode, gravity assists in cutting. Acceptable cutting material includes wood, PVC, alumninum, and acrylic.

Trotec Speedy 300 - 80W Laser Cuter

This Trotec laser cutter is plugged into a desktop computer, where Adobe Illustrator files can be configured to cut or engrave. Red lines will cut and black lines will engrave. Acceptable cutting material includes thin wood, acrylic, poster board, and cardboard.

Smithy 3-in-1 Mill/Lathe/Drill Press

The Smithy 3-in-1 is one of the best prototying hybrid machines on the market. The use of the machine will allow students to gain hands-on experience machining and prototyping unique metal and plastic parts for their projects.

3D Systems ProX 350

The 3D Systems ProX DMP320 machine is a high quality direct metal printing machine.  It is currently set up to print medical-grade titanium in a 275x275x 420mm build area, with a layer-by-layer additive powder melting process by laser.

Dual-Temp Heat Gun

Strip Paint, Thaw Pipes, Speed-Dry, and More. 12.5 Amp Motor, 1500 Watt output with two Heat Settings: 572° and 1,000°F

Infrared IC Heater

SMTHouse T962 Reflow Oven Infrared IC Heater Soldering Machine 800W 180 x 235 mm SMD SMT BGA Soldering Automatic 

Mini Sewing Machine

HAITRAL Sewing Machine Mini 2-Speed Double Thread, Double Speed, Portable Sewing Machine With Light and Cutter

Singer Start Sewing Machine

Easy threading sewing machine with automatic Bobbin winding system.  Six built-in stitches and Dual Spool Pins for Twin Needle Sewing.

Hot Air Rework Station & Preheating Station

X-TRONIC 5000 SERIES - MODEL #5040-XTS Hot Air Rework Station & Preheating Station. This unit features a 70 Watt Soldering Iron, a 500 Watt Hot Air Gun and a Preheating Station.