Machine Shop Room 035

Room 035 - Shop


Machine Shop Room 035 feature project work space, safety and training resources, and additional shared-use tools and equipment.


3-in-1 Mill (Lathe, Drill Press, Mill)

Band Saw

Hand Tools

Chop Saw

Drill Press


Horizontal - Vertical Band Saw

Our band saw runs in two configurations - horizontal and vertical. When in vertical setting, a table is screwed into to serve as a plate. In horizontal mode, gravity assists in cutting. Acceptable cutting material includes wood, PVC, alumninum, and acrylic.

Trotec Speedy 300 - 80W Laser Cuter

This Trotec laser cutter is plugged into a desktop computer, where Adobe Illustrator files can be configured to cut or engrave. Red lines will cut and black lines will engrave. Acceptable cutting material includes thin wood, acrylic, poster board, and cardboard.